The Otentik Trust Network
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X-eHealth Interoperability Award 2022
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The Otentik Trust Network
Ensure the authenticity and legitimacy
of the billions of objects, goods and documents
that we create, use or consult daily...
using open standards.

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The Otentik Reader
A free mobile application to verify any Otentik VDS,
online or offline, no matter the use case.
Available for iOS and Android.

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The Otentik Trust Network
Based on a versatile Trust Framework and  open  VDS technologies to
ensure the  authenticity  and  legitimacy  of the billions of objects,
goods and documents that we create, use and consult daily.

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We all wish to live in a world based on  trust .

Every day, billions of documents and objects
are created, used and consulted.

Our  social and economic fabric 
depends on it, sometimes vitally.

This trust is shaken,

New technologies and deceits
 reduce the barrier to entry 
for counterfeiting and fraud.
Counterfeiting is  widespread  in some countries.

What confidence do we give to
these documents and products?

Imagine a trust network connecting
those who  verify  
to those who  certify .

Imagine a  trust network 
to validate the legitimacy of the
documents we consult and
the goods or objects around us.

We imagined it.

Its foundation adheres to the
principles of  eIDAS  and  GDPR .

It is fully operational.

The  Otentik  trust network connects
the user* who verifies the authenticity and legitimacy of
the object (or document) to the one who certified it.
 * Whether citizen, public or private actor. 

It ensures the  legitimacy  of the issuer,
and validates the nature of the information certified.

Its operations are delegated to certification authorities, acting as Trusted Service Providers (TSP).

At the heart of the Otentik network is a VDS
(Visible Digital Seal). 
It is a 2D barcode applied to the document or object.


Key data


Open standard

It includes key data that is electronically signed
to detect tampering and to confirm
the authenticity and legitimacy of the issuer.

Its validation is simple and easy
Its validation is simple and easy

A VDS can be validated  offline .

validation can offer several
advanced features, such as access to the original electronic document or realtime traceability data.

It also easily integrates
to  Blockchain  initiatives.

Its true limit:

Our imagination

international transfers
The Otentik VDS already complies with AFNOR Z42-105 (September 2020), ISO 22385 (February 2023) and ISO 22376 (August-September 2023) standards.
It is the evolution of the  ANTS 2D-Doc  Standard, in operation since 2012.

The Otentik Network is managed by the VDSIC (Visible Digital Seal International Council), a non-profit organization founded by 20 public and private entities.

The VDSIC ensures the  governance  of the Otentik Trust Network, the standardization of the data on the network, and the adoption of VDS technologies.