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You prefer to use market solutions rather than developing your own? See the companies that offer solutions compliant to the requirements of Otentik VDS and ANTS 2D-Doc VDS.


OrganizationSolutionOtentik complianceDescription
  • Otentik signing certificate
  • Production of Otentik VDS
  • Verification of Otentik VDS
YesCertifiO Code is turnkey solution including the signing certificate and the tools to create an Otentik VDS and, if needed, apply it to a PDF document.

VerifiO is family of signature verification solution, including Otentik VDS. It is available for mobile app or SDK (iOS, Android), Web and server/API.
Advanced Track & Trace
  • High capacity 2D code
YesDocument protection solution, both for production and verification, based on the Sealcrypt high capacity 2D code .
id3 Technologies
  • Production of Otentik VDS
  • Verification of Otentik VDS
YesBioseal is a robust and economical solution for both combating the fraudulent forgery of all types of documents and, when required, managing the identity of people through biometrics, all while protecting the privacy of individuals.

Questions and answers

Below are the most frequently asked questions regarding the Otentik trust network and VDS. 

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Standards are available from AFNOR and ISO. Extensions of specifications for additional CEV Otentik functions are only available from AIGCEV. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in participating and contributing.

You will need 3 things:

  1. A valid certificate from an authorized Trust Service Provider (TSP)
  2. Proving that you have legitimacy to certify the information on a specific use case. If your use case has not been codified, please contact us.
  3. A software solution to create and sign a VDS, and affix it to a document.

The trust service providers and solution providers can guide you through this process.

The Otentik VDS is architected ot support thousand of use cases. Working group participants are currently defining numerous uses cases for banking and legal use cases. The list will be published once the pilot phase is completed. Contact us for details.

For use cases supported by the 2D-Doc VDS, please refer to the resources on the ANTS website (French only).

You can find a lot of valuable information in the Otentik mobile reader’s help page and in the mobile reader’s Terms and Conditions.

If you have additional questions, contact-us!


To ensure a broad adoption of the network, the Otentik Network has launched a working group to develop a VDS specification that supports thousands of use cases efficiently, with limited overhead. 

Otentik VDS specification and Trust Framework specification

The AFNOR Z42-105 technical specification is available on their website. The extensions to the specification to provide additional features to Otentik VDS are only available for Working Group participants. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in participating and contributing.

Work on a specification for the trust framework has started with the CEN (European Standards Commission).

Collateral and presentation

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