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Our history

It all started in  2011 with 3 ingredients: the need to ensure at low cost the reliability of information on paper documents, a strong public leadership to find a solution, and a small company with a big idea!

Before the Otentik VDS, there was the 2D-Doc VDS

New technologies and deceits reduce the barrier to entry for counterfeiting and fraud. This is especially true for paper documents, and it can become extremely problematic when these documents are used to issue passports.

Leaders at France’s Ministère de l’Intérieur (Interior Ministry) and l’Agence Nationale des Titres Sécurisés (ANTS) decided to tackle this problem and financed a solution that provided highly reliable information and that was low cost to operate : the 2D-Doc. In operation since 2012, it is used in France to deliver proof of addresses across multiple industries, notably telecom, energy and finance.

The Otentik VDS is an important evolution based on 2D-Doc, and the Otentik network supports both VDS technologies.

Our members

Membership directory

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Legend: Private=Private organization. Public=Public organization. Pro. Assoc=Professional Association.

Founding members

Advanced Track & TraceAdvanced Track & TracePrivate
Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC)Public
Chambre Nationale des Huissiers de JusticePro. Assoc
Comité Français d’Organisation et de Normalisation BancairePro. Assoc
Conseil National des Greffiers des Tribunaux de CommercePro. Assoc
Conseil Supérieur de l’Ordre des Experts ComptablesPro. Assoc
Digiposte – Groupe La PostePrivate
FNTCFédération des Tiers de Confiance du NumériquePro. Assoc
G.L.I Ingénierie et ServicesPrivate
Hoefle, FlorianExpert
IN GroupePrivate
Le Querrec, YvesExpert
Lex PersonaLex PersonaPrivate
MDSTMinistère de l’Intérieur (Mission de Délivrance Sécurisée des Titres – MDST)Public
NotariusNotariusPrivateNotarius provides solutions for legally reliable documents. It is trusted to issues certificates for Otentik VDS, and has a software suite to create and validate content on the Otentik Trust Network.


ACNAlliance pour la Confiance Numérique (ACN)Pro. Assoc
AmarTechAmar TechPrivate
Amine MézianExpert
Casio Systèmes d’encaissementPrivate
Experts Comptables et Commissaires aux Comptes de FrancePro. Assoc
Fiskaltrust SASPrivate
id3id3 TechnologiesPrivateid3 innovates in the fields of artificial intelligence and biometrics to offer its customers modular systems that guarantee identities while protecting the privacy of individuals.
Paragon IDParagon IDPrivate
Reso ClubPro. Assoc
Paragon IDSecurikettPrivate
SGV ChampagnePro. Assoc
Stéphane Gasch et AssociésPrivate

Associate members

Agence Nationale des Titres Sécurisés (ANTS)Public
Ducass, AlainExpert
Mission Interministérielle de Coordination AntiFraude (MICAF)Public

Leadership Team

Deep background in public policies and fraud prevention

Gilles Barré, President


Yves Le Querrec, General Secretary

Zbigniew Sagan, CTO


Patrick Drolet, Co-chair – Technical working group

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